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Faces of the Future: Actress

Cinescape. January/February 2000

People always ask Angelina Jolie if they're real. It is a rude question, but she takes it in stride. "It's so stupid, but I guess everyone is obsessed with them, so here is the truth: They are 100 percent God-given."

Of course, anyone who has ever glimpsed the 24-year-old Jolie's face immediately knows that the "they" in question are her bee-stung lips, perpetually ogled by journalists and passers-by alike. Is it any wonder that she admits her biggest single beauty expense is Blistex lip balm? "I never go anywhere without it," she says with a laugh. "I'm wild about the product."

Yet even more startling than those luscious lips is their owner's smoldering talent. The daughter of veteran actor Jon Voight (Midnight Cowboy, Enemy of the State), Jolie first caught Hollywood's attention by winning a Golden Globe Award for her riveting performance as a heroin-addicted model in the made-for-cable movie Gia. Since then, casting directors have had Jolie's number on speed dial. She stole the show from Billy Bob Thornton and John Cusack in Pushing Tin, helped Denzel Washington chase a serial killer in The Bone Collector and gets locked up in an insane asylum with Winona Ryder in the recently released Girl, Interrupted. But her most explosive role still lies ahead - this summer, she'll play a car thief opposite Nicolas Cage and Robert Duvall in the high-octane blockbuster Gone in 60 Seconds. The part fits Jolie's intense, wild-girl personal well (aside from those otherworldly lips, she is also notorious for collecting knives and covering her body with several tattoo's).

"I learned a new vice with Gone in 60 Seconds: driving really, really fast," she says, adding that she also had the joy of learning how to hot-wire a Lamborghini Diablo. "And frankly it's not good for me to learn the kind of things I can easily apply to my everyday life."

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