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Get Your Jolies

[British] FHM. March 2000

New York cops never looked as good as Angelina Jolie did in last year's thriller The Bone Collector, which saw the luscious, half-French beauty tracking down a serial killer with the help of a paralyzed forensic overachiever (played by Denzel Washington).

And Jolie's white-hot status in Hollywood surprisingly seems to have little to do with her famous dad, Midnight Cowboy's Jon Voight. The 24 year-old Golden Globe winner (for her role playing doomed supermodel Gia Carangi in Gia two years ago) boasts five tattoos, a growing collection of knives, and the fullest lips ever seen.

Her ripe pout and smooth curves were put to good use in last year's Pushing Tin, where Jolie played the delicate trailer-trash wife of air-traffic controller Billy Bob Thornton.

Adding to her substantial intrigue is the fact that the actress recently surprised US media with claims of her bisexuality. When told that to an informal poll of straight women she was the actress most women wanted to sleep with, Jolie replied: "I'd probably be the one actress who would say yes."

And she certainly hasn't been short of offers since she divorced her husband of just 18 months, UK actor Jonny Lee Miller (of Trainspotting fame). She has since been seen around Tinseltown on the arm of Playing God co-star Timothy Hutton; who at 40, is 17 years older than the delectable Jolie.

So hot is Jolie in Lalaland at the moment that script offers are arriving faster than she can read them. But Jolie has no illusions about her status as Hollywood's latest "hot new thing".

"If you have enough people sitting around telling you you're wonderful, then you start believing you're fabulous," she says. "Then someone tells you that you stink, and you believe that too."

Jolie's latest role, that of an unbalanced teen in the Winona Ryder led Girl, Interrupted, is rumored to be followed with the sequel to Kiss The Girls (Along Came A Spider) later this year, after Ashley Judd declined the chance to reprise her breakthrough role.

Girl, Interrupted is currently showing at cinema's Australia-wide

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