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And the Devil Created Angelina Jolie

[FR] Paris Match. 17 February 2000

She's the new Hollywood phenomenon. Super sexy but moreover super provocative: she just received a Golden Globe and she could soon pick up an Oscar.

Whether she sits on a table at a coffee shop or on the trunk of a beautiful American car, Angelina plays the rebel card. Her weapons: her talent and the prettiest collection of tattoos in Hollywood, dragon, cross, as well as some quotes like: "What nourishes me destroys me." To thank her mother for having encouraged her to be sexy, she chose "Jolie," a name that serves her like a banner. At 24 years old, 1st divorce. The role of heroin-addicted supermodel (Gia) caused her a depression; a rebellious role (Girl Interrupted), her 3rd Golden Globe. In "Bone Collector," by P. Noyce, she pursued a serial killer. A bad seed could well become a star seed.

Married in 1996, separated in '97, divorced in '99, she certainly doesn't plead guilty, "I don't know how to let a man be a man."

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Above the bikini line, she had "What nourishes me, destroys me" tattooed. Angelina Jolie is a crazy woman: screaming crazy. "My father taught me that glory makes you neither best nor perfect. My mother taught me whatever the price glory has to pay, you must express yourself. She does not deprive herself of this. She collects knives and tattoos. She has 8 of them exactly - covered on one of her non-official web sites Angelina Jolie Obsessive Attitudes. On her left arm, an enormous dragonhead represents force and freedom, on her shoulder a Chinese symbol representing death, a cross on her thigh, another on the hip. When asked if she's scared that she'll regret it one day, stupefied, she responds, "If in my life it's the one thing that I will regret, then I will come out of it not bad. She owns a war ax and an African spear. She confesses, surprised by our astonishment, that she has toyed with blades (knife) to increase her pleasure in erotic games. But if today she keeps a knife next to her bed, it is, she says, only to open her mail. All her life she has searched for the big thrill. She confesses that when she was younger, she would voluntarily cut her hand, needing to feel. She doesn't feel alive unless she questions everything. Instead of a pretty white rabbit when she was little, she had a snake. Daughter of actress Marcheline Bertrand and Jon Voight, immortalized in the role of Joe Buck in 1969 in "Midnight Cowboy."(He got an Oscar for his role of a Vietnam vet in "Coming Home"). Angelina was 1 year old when her parents divorced. Moving from one house to another, she suffered the absence of her father. She plays tough but has a tender heart. She does what she can. And if today her father chooses to speak of her each time he gives an interview, she on the other hand, prefers to keep quiet. "We are now beginning to get along well." All our life we had a difficult relationship without a doubt because we are so much alike. She calls him Jon, he calls her Jelly Bean. During her blue times, she prefers (instead of therapy) driving all night, music blasting, hair in the wind and cigarette in the mouth. To quiet a psychiatrist who irritated her so much by blaming all her problems on her non-relationship with her father, she told her triumphantly "You are going to be happy, I dreamt that I killed my dad with a fork!"

She plays like she breaths. At 7 years old, she got her first role in "Looking to Get Out" by Hal Ashby, coproduced/cowritten by her father. 4 years later, she made her debut in the role of German dominatrix in "Room Service." She had a blue period. Fascinated by Michael Jackson at 11 years old, she dyed her hair blue and wore only studded jackets. At 12 she entered the Institute Lee Strasberg. My personality is made of so many different facets that if I wasn't able to act, I wouldn't know who I am. Each role permits me to concentrate on one part of me before moving on to another part.

Her brother, James Haven, her best friend, directed her 5 times in some student films. She did some modeling and made brief appearances in some videos: Rolling Stones, Meat Loaf & Lenny Kravitz. When she was little, she dreamed of opening a funeral home to, she says," teach the survivors to celebrate the deceased." When she finally decided to make cinema her career, in order to not be accused of using her father's name, she abandoned her name & replaced it with her middle name.

In 1995, during filming of Hackers, she met the British actor Johnny Lee Miller ( Sick Boy in "Trainspotting"). It was love at first sight. Several months later, at the time of the marriage ceremony, she wore tight black rubber pants. To celebrate their union, she wrote on her white shirt with her blood, the name of her lover. She was 20, the union didn't last. Married in '96, they separated in '97, divorced in '99. "I am emotionally independent, I didn't know how to let a man be a man."

She has the body of a blowup doll. Her lips, as if bee-stung, are made to be kissed. When she opens them to speak, you can't stop her. Her talent has been often eclipsed by her beauty and eccentricities. She confesses to having had more relations with men on screen than in her life. She's tried all the drugs and doesn't conceal anything. She loves everyone: men, women but above all provocation. She confesses her bisexuality. "I don't understand all the controversy this stirs up. I thought that the raison d'etre of an artist was to fully express oneself.

In '97, she brought home the Golden Globe for the supporting role for her interpretation of Cornelia Wallace, the wife of the governor of Alabama in "George Wallace." In '98 she got her first Golden Globe for best actress for "Gia." After the ceremony, trophy under her arm and screaming with joy, she threw herself (fully dressed) into the pool of the hotel. The same year, the magazine "People" named her one of the 50 most beautiful women in the world. Despite her success, she decided to leave and move to New York and abandon acting. Why? Today still, she doesn't know. She registered at the film school @ NYU. Broke, idle, backpack on, she spent her days wandering the subway.

In a role of mafia daughter with a heart of gold, she shares the screen with David Duchovny and Tim Hutton in "Playing God" and Sean Connery in "Playing By Heart." In "Bone Collector," she is Amelia, a police recruit. The bulletproof vest bruises her chest, the holster slides off her thin hips yet she acts calm and comprised. All that she isn't in life, she would like to erase herself, but one sees her only. "The first time that I noticed my face next to Denzel's on a huge billboard on Sunset Boulevard, I almost had a car accident, I thought I was dreaming."

She doesn't live her life. She plays roles such as crazy women, women who cheat on their husbands, lesbians. "All these traits are a little bit of me." After "Bone Collector" one night, she was caught up with a writer on a scene to play. Not totally done with her role in the film, her hand still holding an invisible gun, she asked him straight out to go out in the street to explain himself.

Opposed to the prudent Susanna,, played by Winona Ryder in "Girl Interrupted," She is Lisa, rebel, fascinating, nonconformist, in a psychiatric institution at the end of the sixties who fights for justice and doesn't cease to defy the system. "I have never played a person with whom I wouldn't want to sit and have tea." One more time, she took home the Golden Globe for best supporting actress. She smokes like a chimney. She loves her mother, her brother, red meat, poetry books and lacy nightshirts. She lives each day like it's her last. " I would really like to one day have a family. One day maybeI don't know if I will have children. I am too selfish. Will I one day have the courage to forget myself?" She speaks her mind without reflection. One can't stop her. Like I said, this woman is crazy, screaming crazy.

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