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Meals, Interrupted

[Australian] NW Magazine. 7 February 2000

Girl, Interrupted star Angelina Jolie could be the latest actress to fall victim to an eating disorder.

Could Golden Globe winning actress Angelina Jolie be the latest Hollywood star to have succumbed to the slimming disease anorexia? Over the last few months, the gorgeous star of the movie Girl, Interrupted appears to have shed an alarming number of kilos from her already slim frame.

Angelina's dramatic weight loss was obvious at last week's glamorous Golden Globe ceremony, when she appeared on stage in a body-hugging gown to accept the gong for Best Supporting Actress.

And Angelina, daughter of acclaimed actor Jon Voight, certainly isn't trying to stop the rumors. In fact, she admits she deliberately slimmed down for her Girl, Interrupted role as a mental-ward patient. She says she may have gone too far to look the part, as she's having trouble returning to her former weight.

"I'm trying to put on weight," she says, describing the past couple of months as "really tough".

"Getting nervous, I don't eat as much," she says, "even though I remind myself."

Angelina, who was married to Jonny Lee Miller (Trainspotting), reveals she's so desperate to return to her former, more curvaceous self that she's considering admitting herself to hospital.

"When I was in the hospital with a friend who had a drip in her arm, I was like, `Maybe if you stick that in me &endash; just actually inject pure protein'," she reflects.

But Angelina, who has a tattoo on her stomach that says "What nourishes me destroys me" in Latin, has never been a stranger to controversy. During filming of the thriller The Bone Collector, she almost died when she refused to get out of the way of an oncoming train. At the last second, a member of the crew pushed her off the track.

Over the years, Angelina has admitted to taking "just about every drug possible". She's also confessed to a weird obsession with knives and has undergone therapy to rid herself of "unhealthy demons".

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