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The Dark Angel

FW Magazine. January 2000

Sure she's lusting after Oscar-quality roles, as a rookie cop in the recent thriller The Bone Collector and a mental patient in the upcoming Girl, Interrupted, but we prefer to remember the 24-year-old Angelina Jolie as heroin-chic bad girl Gia, in the TV movie of the same name. W eonly wish we'd been blessed with invitations to her wedding, at which she reportedly squeezed into a black rubber contraption that revealed a shoulder bearing a tattoo of the Japanese death symbol. Ouch! But if you think that's hot, we invite you to ponder what Jolie considers to be the good things in life: Blistex, to keep her pouty lips moist; flavoured body lotion, for anyone who'd like to savour it in action (any takers?); and-how macabre!-her exptensive collection of daggers. We wonder if she hangs them next to her two Golden Globe awards. The former model who optimistically trained at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute has certainly paid her dues, we think, appearing in videos by Lenny Kravitz, The Lemonheads, and, poor dear, Meat Loaf. But at least she did it on her own. The daughter of fading great Jon Voight (he gave her the versatile middle moniker in hopes that she would one day need a stage name), Jole has become an "easy rider" herself, leaving hubby Jonny Lee Miller of Trainspotting fame in 1997 to cuddle up with '80's film veteran Timothy Hutton.

Hot Tub Quality: 10
Bankability: 5.5
Meryl Street Quotient: 7.5
Ego Management: 7
Elsa Klensch Factor: 9.5


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