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Angels in heaven
Original Sin, 2000

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CAST: Angelina Jolie as Julia Russel, Antionio Bandarras

SYNOPSIS: In 1880 Luis Antonio Vagas (Antonio Banderas) arrives in humid and exuberant coast of Santiago de Cuba, bringing with him a passanger that will change the life of this man forever.

Besides from enjoying all the richness and respect from all high society, Luis still yearns for somebody to share his life and richness...until one day receives a letter from a young lady: Julia Russel (Angelina Jolie) from Wilmington, Delaware, who responded from an add that he had published in a newspaper from Baltimore saying: "Looking Long-Distance Wife." The same day that they meet in the harbor of Santiago, the two stranger join in marriage despite the skeptisism from friends and associates of Luis. But Luis believes more in companionship more so than love. What he wants is a very good "wife;" a stable and kind woman who will bring upon support.

Luis gets a big surprise when he encounters a beautiful and sensual woman, who resembles not so much her own image which she had sent with the letter. Julia explained that she had decided to send a picture of her sister, because she didn't want a man only interested in her beauty. Luis, also confessed that he had written in the letter that he was just a worker at the coffee plant [which he is the owner of] to avoid women only getting interested in his money.

At first only marriage unites them, but little by little desire and passion sets in. The more Luis gets near Julia, more enigmatic she becomes. With time more contradictions come up about what she had written in the letter and things she says during intimacy; her terrible nightmares, her questionable scars in her back, and the coffin that remains closed.

Mistery grows even more when Luis meets Walter Downs (Thomas Jane), a private investigator from the U.S., paid by Julia's worried sister, who's apperance in the island threatens to invade and destroy the almost-perfect happiness that the couple have created in their new life together.

To Luis, loneliness takes him to love, which in turn lead to passion and breaks all reason. Both him and Julia become tangeled in a torturous and dangerous dance that take them both across the parts of Cuba until they reach obsession, eroticness, deceptions...and maybe, murder.

MISCELLANEOUS INFO: Producers: Denise Di Novi, Michelle Pfeiffer, Kate Guinzburg, Steven Reuther, Carol Lees, Sheldon Abend. Director: Michael Cristofer.