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Angels in heaven
Playing by heart, 1998

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Release date: 1998.01.22
CAST: Gillian Anderson, Angelina Jolie as Joan, Madeleine Stowe, Anthony Edwards, Ryan Phillippe, Gena Rowlands, Sean Connery, Dennis Quaid, Ellen Burstyn, Jay Mohr, Jon Stewart, Patricia Clarkson, Nastassja Kinski

STORY: In the city of Los Angeles, various individuals try to ascertain what will make them happy in their current or possible future relationships. Meredith (GILLIAN ANDERSON), a socially shy theater director, doesn't know how to respond to the advances made by Trent (JON STEWART), an architect who meets her after a bookcase falls on top of her. Joan (ANGELINA JOLIE), a struggling actress who's just acrimoniously broken up with her live- in boyfriend, meets Keenan (RYAN PHILLIPPE), a blue-haired club hopper who mysteriously refuses her obvious advances toward him, thus peaking her interest and causing her to try harder. On the other hand, Gracie (MADELEINE STOWE), who's having an affair with Roger (ANTHONY EDWARDS), wants nothing more than casual, noncommital sex out of their adulterous relationship. Meanwhile, an older married couple, Hannah (GENA ROWLANDS) and Paul (SEAN CONNERY), who produce a cooking show on which Hannah stars, try to cope with the revelation that he was in love with someone else twenty-five years earlier, while an apparently pathological liar, Hugh (DENNIS QUAID), bar hops and blurts out drunken tales of misery and woe to anyone who'll listen. Finally, there's Mildred (ELLEN BURSTYN), a concerned and distraught mother who's come to the bedside of her sick and dying gay son, Mark (JAY MOHR). As these seemingly disparate people try to make sense of their lives, events soon transpire that show their troubles and lives aren't exactly unrelated.

MISCELLANEOUS INFO: Director: Willard Carroll. Writer: Willard Carroll. Filming Location: Los Angeles, California, USA. Also known as: Dancing About Architecture and If They Only Knew.